The Oldiez 93 Big Game Party Package!

Be listening for the "Sounds of the Big Game" on Oldiez 93.  When you hear it call us... callers 3, 6 and 9 will be registered to win!  You must be at least 21 with proper ID to register.  You may register just once!  A winner will be drawn on Friday January 31st at noon.

Package Includes:

A party pizza and 2 dozen wings from Pudgies Pizza on Lycoming Creek Rd.

A case of Bud Light

A case of Pepsi products

A bottle of Hazlett Red Cat and White Cat wine

A variety of Utz Brand snack chips and pretzels

A Franklin Sure-Grip Football

A case of Welches Fruit Snacks

A basket of paper products from the C.A. Reed Party Supply Store

A couple bags of Stouffers Animal Crackers

Breathe Saver Mints

A collection of Oldiez 93 mugs, glasses, can-coozies, hats & such

A variety of candy, snacks and condiments

And even some toys to keep the kids busy!